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Modesto Mortgage Refinancing home Loan - Finance Loans - Real Estate Any Credit or Equity - We are located in the Central Valley of California and we can help you no matter what your plans are - We do Residential and Commercial transactions with do all types of credits of types of incomes, please contact us at your earliest convenience - Thank you.*

Hard Money - Mortgage Refinancing home loan - Finance Loans - Real Estate Mortgages Any Credit or Equity

Residential serving all California - Commercial serving all States in USA*. Hablamos espanol.

We can help you if you want to refinance -or - If you want to buy we offer full service, we can represent you as you Real State Agent too.

Modesto - Hard Money

Contact us: 209-534-9415 - Email: art@hardmoneymortgagebroker.net

Hard Money - California

We do all Mortgage loans and Equity loans - Hard Money loans - First Time buyers -

Welcome to one of my web sites, my friends call me Art, I am in Modesto California and I am an expert on the field of doing a mortgage and Real Estate Transactions, We do any credit, we have all types of loans, we can help you for your Residential or Commercial Transaction.


So Are you an Investor for Hard Money or Are you looking for a Hard money Loan?

Are you someone looking to get money when is hard every where else?

We Welcome Investors Ideas - We love when people call us and let us know what they want..

WE WORK TOGETHER AND GET THINGS DONE FAST !! Call me and let's chat at the office Downtown.


Does not matter is you need the money or you have the money to give....

We have served many happy customers in this towns Modesto, Stockton, Turlock, Fresno, Madera and the Bay area in California.. No matter where you are, please call us and we will be happy to give you ideas..

Located in Modesto, Stockton and Turlock California we can help you in any part of California. we do Residential and commercial Transactions in California, Loans, buying or selling a home, comercial or Hard money loan, we do many first time buyers with FHA loan.


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Contact us - Call at 209-534-9415

or E-mail: art@hardmoneymortgagebroker.net

Everybody is happy with our great Real Estate Loans, business loans and Commercial Real Estate Loans, our happy customers have received help with the home loans, mortgages in the Real Estate, purchasing as a first time buyer with a regular loan or with a FHA loan, we also do hard money loans, for residential and commercial loans.

Local Home mortgages loans, are things from the past and we can help you no matter what part of the Estate of California you are now, so please call us now, you do not have to come to us, we go to you for doing the loan.

We do most of the types of Real Estate Loans, here is some of them: First time buyers, FHA loans, refinancing, commercial loans, business loans, hard money loans, farm loans, ranchet loans, small business loan, big business loans, no income verification loans**, hard to proof income.

Most of our customers are located in San Jose Ca, San Mateo Ca, San Francisco Ca, Santa Clara Ca, Redwood City Ca, Fresno Ca, Merced Ca, Turlock Ca, Modesto Ca, Madera Ca, Stockton California, Sacramento Ca, Los Angeles Ca, Riverbank Ca, Paterson Ca, Ceres Ca, Bay Area Ca, Peninsula Ca, and other cities in California, is very easy just call us now and get started or if you prefer just send us an e-mail with you contact information.

Hablamos espanol, hacemos prestamos de casa or si usted quiere comprar o verde su casa, por fovor llamenos hoy mismo. Es mas facil cuando ablas en tu idioma, tenemos mas de 10 agentes que halam espanol, empieza hoy mismo to hipoteca de casa. Es facil llamanos o mandanos un e-mail con tu informacion para contactarte. Gracias.

Please call or contact us now, call or e-mail… thanks.


American Security Financial Corporation

Direct: 209-534-9415 Art Licensed by the Estate of California.

Fax # : 209-593-5739

e-mail: art@hardmoneymortgagebroker.net

Office: "F" Street Modesto, Ca 95354



We do Hard Money Loans - We are In Modesto California.. Please give us a call now and let's talk business... We are always looking for Hard money loan Investor too.

Call us now , 1-209-534-9415 Art


Please call me now, the financial company that I work for has a great reputation, in business in Modesto for over 15 years, as most of the employees being there 10 plus years..

Give us a call now.. 1-209-534-9415

Professional in Mortgages and Real State Transactions.

Call: 209-534-9415 ask for ART. We are located in M0DEST0 Ca.

Are you looking for a professional, to help you get the best of the best? You just found him, I am located in Modesto California and I can help you. I do Residential Transactions in California only: Loans, buying or selling a home. Commercial Loans for the rest of the USA*.

OK this is what I see every time, some one search the internet, for place to to get money from, when looking for a loan, mortgage, finance, refinancing, any credit and the results are something like this:

1- A page where they offer you the moon and stars, and make it believe that is so easy. 2- They say they are going to give, all the details in the next page, guess what, you have to put some personal information, to get to next page. 3- You gave information, and now You still have to go to the next page, for more information, and believe it or not, you have to put more personal information, and at last they ask you, a bunch of questions, and when you are ready to get the details, this message shows up: Thank for you information, one of our agents will contact you, with in 24 hours, or if you want to talk to one at this moment, please call this number now 1-800- BUL XXXXX. And when you talk to someone, you find out that this person is not a real state agent or loan agent, is just a telemarketer for those customers, that feel better talking with someone in person. I hate it, I try it all the time, since I am in this business, I need to know what others do, 99% when you go in this process, this is what is happening, you are just a lead, yes a name a phone number, and they are going to give it to the one, that pays better or have better connections, your information have been in many hands, and from this process, you may even get 3 to 4 calls from estrangers, and believe it or not, some of this may be more telemarketers that get paid, to get all the complete full application information, some of them will not be able to talk number. Well my friend if this is what you like, I am sorry but I work in a different way.

I like the personal touch, you see my face here and you know, who is going to be working with you, I do not expect you to decide to work with me just because my picture, but at least this is a start point, I am going to tell you who I am, if you think that you would like to give me the opportunity of earn your trust and let me offer my services, I would really appreciate it.

This is me: I am married, 42 years old, with perfect credit, own 11 properties 5 of them in California, my wife is beautiful and I love her, God blessed me with two great kids, a 13 year old girl and a 7 year old boy, I leave in Modesto California. I love fishing and swimming, I think that my family is a great family, my kids are great students, the 7 year old boy is already in third grade, their grades are great, my girl is the number one of her class she is going to 8th grade advance all honors, I am a honest man, I do not lie, I am responsible, I like to treat others the way I like people to treat me, I hate dishonesty and I stay away from people that have bad habits, I try my best to give my family the best example of me, I want them to be proud of me always, and I will do everything to protect them. I like money, but my family and principles are always first.. I go to Church some times on sundays, my family goes more often, I stay a home working on getting my customers what is going to make them happy.

Bellow is a picture of one of my homes, is nice and very big with 20 feet high ceilings, mediterranean style, big and with only 4 bedrooms, 2 fire places, has heated pool, and all the extras, God has blessed me with good opportunities in life, and I am grateful for it. My two kids are in front of the house in Modesto California.

Thank you for you time, and if you would like to get in contact with me, here is how:

1- You can e-mail me at: E-MAIL: art@hardmoneymortgagebroker.net Please send me as much details possible of what you would like to do, and what your goals are and what should I put as my goal to make you a satisfied happy customer. Please include your 2 phone numbers, home and cell, say what time is the best to contact you. Please give the address of the property trying to buy, refinance or co-x for. Please on the subject of the e-mail put the word URGENT first.

First Contact : 209-534-9415 ask for ART. We are located in M0DEST0 Ca.

counting money If you need money you are at the perfect place. We love helping people get what they want, the best of the best.

Thank you for your time and visit, I really appreciate and I really hope that if you decide to send me an e-mail to contact me or not, I really wish for you the best of the best, and I hope that you find and get great results on this transaction. Thank you ...Again, yes for you who probably typed on the internet search something like this:

Mortgage, Mortgages, Mortgage refinancing, credit, Mortgages loans, loans, loan, finance, refinance, home mortgage, real estate,equity, Modesto mortgage, Modesto Refinancing,Modesto,

Thank you, and God Bless you..

To contact me : eMAIL : art@hardmoneymortgagebroker.net

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Try your best now in to buy or refinance, and lock long fixed term, and you are going to be a happy camper, with in 5 years, all homes are going to be minimum of 30% up in value of today's value , if you buy a house for $200,000 now, in 5 years is going to be worth at least $260,000 that is a great return of your money, specially if is your own home, when you take in consideration all the benefits and tax write offs. Now if you want to know what is going to happen in 10 years, by then the price of now show have double minimum. It is sad to say that the prices of 3 years a go, we still going to have to wait many years to see them again, as a home owner you always want to see you value better.


Thanks and God Bless you.

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